Claudy Conn

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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

The fifth and last of the Can’t Stop Series is full of romance and adventure and Maizy leads the charge.

Maizy isn’t going to let herself get hurt—so why is she drawn to the perfect, bad boy wolf?

In the meantime, worlds are colliding as a human intent on taking down the paranormal world arrives in New Orleans.

Favorites from Riding the Veil will arrive to help the Dark Lord, Smoke and their team in their effort to save their city and Dublin supernaturals from Crawly’s militia.


Smoke and the Dark Lord's daughter has emerged as a force in New Orleans and just in time. A new threat is on the scene and that threat has been killing humans to get their attention.


Smoke and Grail are expecting!
Ill with morning sickness, Smoke goes into the swamp to find the herbs she needs and instead, finds a she-wolf under attack by three female shifter wolves. Smoke evens the odds.
However, the shifter wolf she has defended is bleeding out faster than she can heal, and Smoke decides she has no choice, she shifts her to Hazard.
Months later, that same she-wolf, “V” has to come to terms with who and what she is—a Fae Seer, and a wolf shifter!
Enter the charming Fae Prince Rye, who you have met in Can’t Stop-Wanting. He needs (though grudgingly) V’s help.
A rogue Fae has stolen his queens’ Hallows and he is charged with retrieving them. Problem—the Fae can’t hear their own Hallows when they call, thus making it very difficult to locate them.
One of V’s abilities as a Fae Seer, is her Sounder ability which allows her to find Fae Hallows.
The Fae prince and the she-wolf clash at once. He thinks the Fae are superior to paranormal beings such as shifter wolves. V doesn’t agree.
Their mission, however, throws them together, but V has a problem—the alpha Zen who thinks she belongs to him is not about to give up on acquiring her, one way or another.
And so it begins, a wild ride that teaches V just who she is and shows Prince Rye the worth of a wolf!

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